We've all been there.

Throwing a phone in frustration. Deleting Instagram. Ghosting an email list. Cutting up or tossing out a canvas. Laying on the floor, sobbing, because the launch did *not* go well.

But what if you had the tools to navigate this relationship?

You love art. You want art to be in your life forever. But when you tried to also add business into the mix, chaos ensued. Navigating this new relationship is tricky business and this workshop was created to help you sort it out.
  • Step 1: Red Flags

    Knowing what is a total killer to your relationship is important. Here you'll identify the things that have to go and the ones that need a better compromise.

  • Step 2: Seasons Greetings

    Nothing blooms 24/7. So why do you expect yourself to be on fire, purposely pursuing every goal + opportunity all. the. time? Here you'll acknowledge your season and settle into what you can do, where you are.

  • Step 3: Moving Forward

    You need your art. Your art needs you. Sounds like codependency, but how do you make it work for you? Before you can move forward you must establish some healthy boundaries.

Join the workshop.

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What's Inside

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    💖 Welcome Artist.

    • You Were Made To Thrive

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    The Workshop

    • 📽️Video: It's Complicated

    • ✨Before you go...

    • 📝Bonus: Establishing Value In Your Art

It's time to harmonize your art & business so you can all work together.

Artists have lofty goals and most of those require some cashflow. Especially if you see yourself running an art business! Inside this workshop we'll explore the new dynamic you're creating by coupling your art with business and begin to map out just what you need to keep it functioning in a healthy, thriving way.


it's really, really good.

ROOTED is a 4 month mentorship for artists ready to take the next step in their creative practice. Inside this course, you'll explore an exclusive framework, talk 1:1 with Rachel about your art, business, and goals, and discover more about what you want and how to get there!


  • How long do I have access to this content?

    You have access to this live workshop and workbook for 120 days after sign up!

  • What if I have questions about the course or ROOTED?

    If you have questions about the training or ROOTED, please reach out: hello@thecreativebones.com

ROOTED is open for enrollment now!

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