Become the artist you were meant to be.

ROOTED is a 4 month mentorship that explores your creative identity, pairing your unique strengths and art with business ideas. This framework was specifically designed to help you (no matter your medium) unlock your potential and thrive in your art practice.


ROOTED only opens up for 8 artists twice a year!

Inside ROOTED you'll uncover:

  • Your Unique Path

    You'll know and understand the paths available to you as an artist and be able to choose the one that best suits you.

  • Your Best Ideas Yet

    You'll be grounded in your ideas and differences, seeing how they benefit your business and space.

  • Your Truest Voice

    You'll be able to authentically attract a community and market your work effectively (and in a way that feels good).

  • Your Next Steps

    You'll find clarity in your vision and be able to plan out your next steps confidently so you can achieve it.

  • Your Foundation

    You'll feel confident in your art and abilities and be able to continue to make progress on your own.

  • Your Infinite Potential

    You'll become a thriving creating having the tools necessary to build a creative career with your work.

ROOTED is for the artist who is:

  • Struggling to make sense of the art world and their place in it.

  • Frustrated with the round about answers about selling artwork.

  • Craves purpose and meaning in their work.

  • Ready to move forward but uncertain about where they should go.

  • Wants to find their market demand without selling out.

  • Looking at the success of others wondering how to make it theirs.

You have a dream and you know this creative call is inside of you for a reason.

There's no reason to keep feeling lost, it's time to find clarity and ground your art practice. Inside ROOTED you'll find the tools needed to navigate questions like, "Who is my ideal customer," and "What problem does my business solve?". When you're done with the course, you'll be able to make sense of the business world and how to blend it with your art practice.


  • 1

    Become Deeply Rooted.

    • 🌱Welcome Mentee!

    • 💖Things To Take Note Of:

    • 📲Receiving Your Call Notes

    • ✨Before you start...

    • 💻Book Your Intro Call

  • 2

    Module One

    • 🎥 Change Your Soil

    • 📝Writing Out Your Business Plan

    • ✨Module One Reflection

    • 🌱Bonus: Root & Restore

  • 3

    Module Two

    • 🎥 Your Aligned Path

    • 🔮Create Your Vision Board

    • ✨Write Your Vision Statement

    • 📝Bonus: The Wild Alignment

  • 4

    Module Three

    • 🎥 Mindset

    • ✨ Module Three Reflection

    • 📝The Confidence Workbook

    • 💻Book Your Coaching Call

  • 5

    Module Four

    • 🎥 Developing Your Work

    • ✨ Choosing A Focus

    • 📝What's My Style?

    • 📖 Journal Prompts for Portfolio Development

    • 🎧 Ep. #106: Trusting Your Curiosity w/ Artist Sarah Stieber

  • 6

    Module Five

    • 🎥 The Artist's Ideal Customer

    • ✨ Homework: Story Sentence

    • 📝Who's My Customer?

    • ❓ Quiz: What's Your Creative Type?

    • 💰 Your Ideal Client

  • 7

    Module Six

    • 🎥 What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

    • ✨Your Problem & Solution

    • 💻Book Your Coaching Call

    • 🌸Bonus: Create Your Purpose

    • 🎨 Artist Check In

  • 8

    Module Seven

    • 🎥 Part One: Content Creation

    • 📲Engaging With Your Audience

    • 📣 Bonus: Writing Killer Captions

    • 🎥 Part Two: Organizing Your Projects

    • 📝She Made Progress

    • 🎥 Creating A Workflow In Airtable

  • 9

    Module Eight

    • 🎥 Sustainable Opportunities

    • 📝Pitching Guide: I've Got An Idea

    • ✨Homework: Create Your Own Pitch

    • 💻Book Your Coaching Call

    • 👠Bonus: Shaping Your Artist Path

    • 🍰 BONUS: Shaping Your Unique Artist Path in 2022

  • 10

    Module Nine

    • 🎥 Money & Marketing

    • 💰 Establishing Your Value

    • ✨Module Nine Reflection

    • ✉ Bonus: You've Got Mail!

  • 11

    Module Ten

    • 🎥 Branding

    • ✨Branding Prompts to Get You Started

    • 🎥 Building Your Brand Book

    • 🙂 Submit Your Brand Book

    • 💛Timeless vs. Trendy

    • 💻Book Your Final Coaching Call

    • 🎧 BONUS: Personal Brand w/ Rachael Kay Albers

  • 12

    Final Reflection

    • 🎥 Revisiting Your Business Plan

    • 📝 CEO Questions

    • 💖Final Thoughts

    • 🌱 ROOTED Review

  • 13

    Studio Resources

    • 🎨Panic Painting - Creative Exercise

    • 2022 Studio Supplies - What I use and love

    • 📦 Shipping Secrets - A How To

    • ✅ To Do: The Complete Launch Checklist

    • 🎉 Hype Your Launch - By Carly Wiggers

Each module and month, builds upon the insight and information given in the previous one. The content is tailored to your questions and needs during the coaching calls and the additional resources available enhance your learning by offering new perspectives by others.


  • What's the investment?

    ROOTED is $875 upfront or $250 for 4 months.

  • How long is ROOTED?

    Summer enrollment for ROOTED is from July 1st through October 31st.

  • How does the mentorship part work?

    ROOTED is unique because it allows you to work closely with me for an extended period of time. You get focused help and time during one of our coaching calls and all the one-on-one support you might need in between. We'll converse weekly during your time in ROOTED, always checking in on goals, ideas, and progress.

  • What is the time investment?

    You can expect to spend 1-2 hours a week on ROOTED content, some weeks being lighter than others.

  • How long can I access the ROOTED coursework?

    You get access to ROOTED for one year from sign up. This will allow you to revisit the framework as many times as you'd like after our "official" time together ends.

Grow your artist roots deep.

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