Why are faces so hard to paint?!

If you've ever wanted to know the secrets to creating a portrait painting without getting stuck in the ugly middle (or beginning), I've got you.

The 3 Keys of the Course


    You'll learn how to mix a complimentary palette and paint diverse skin tones from the same colors.


    You'll learn how to identify colors in a face and learn where to apply it so you can build up depth and an accurate likeness.


    Through step-by-step breakdowns and a variety of exercises, you'll learn how to compose a portrait and paint each element for a cohesive and stunning masterpiece.

What's Inside:

  • 2

    Hey Artist!

    • 😄 Read This First

    • ✨Before You Start

    • 🎨 Supply List

    • 🖌️Practice Makes Perfect

    • 🎉One last thing...

  • 3

    Drawing The Face

    • ✏️Blind Contour

    • 🖼️How To Get Proportionate Paintings

  • 4

    Color Mixing

    • ✨Light Skin Tones

    • ✨Dark Skin Tones

    • 🍊Finding Color Variations

    • 👄Finding Color Variations

    • ☀️❄️Color Shifts: Warm to Cool

  • 5

    Color Blocking Exercise

    • 🎨Painting Negative Space

    • 🎨Identifying Facial Planes

    • 🎨Finding Values: Frida Kahlo

    • 🎨Finding Values: Oprah Winfrey

  • 6

    Using Color To Invoke Emotion

    • 🎨Color Intention with Full Palette

    • 🎨Color Intention & Monochrome Palettes

  • 7

    Facial Features

    • 👀 Painting Eyes

    • 👃Painting A Nose

    • 👄Painting A Mouth

    • 👂🏻Painting An Ear

    • 👂🏾Painting An Ear

  • 8

    Painting A Portrait (FRIDA)

    • 🎨 Setting Up

    • 👀 Painting The Eyes

    • 👃🏼Painting The Nose

    • 🎨 Forehead + Cheekbones

    • 🎨Cheeks + Chin

    • 🎨Painting The Neck

    • 👄Painting The Lips

    • 🎨Paint The Ears + Hair

    • 🎨Adding Details

    • 🎀Painting Her Bow (Flowers)

    • 🎨Finish With The Negative Space

  • 9

    Painting Bubblegum Babe

    • 🎨 The Underpainting

    • 🍬Painting The Eyes

    • 🍬Bubblegum Nose

    • 🍬 Bubblegum Cheeks

    • 🍬Bubblegum Ears + Neck

    • 🍬 Bubblegum Bubble

    • 🍬 Bubblegum Hair

    • 👚Bubblegum Shirt

    • 🍬 Bubblegum Background

  • 10

    Course Extras

    • 🕶️ Painting Sunglasses

    • ❤️ Painting Red Hair

    • 🖤 Painting Black Hair

    • Painting Makeup, Freckles, & Eyebrows: Part One

    • Painting Makeup, Freckles, and Eyebrows: Part Two

    • 👋🏼Painting A Hand: Part One

    • 👋🏼Painting A Hand: Part Two

  • 11

    The End

    • 🥳Now what?


  • I'm a beginner artist, would this course be a good fit?

    Yes! This course is designed for experienced and beginner artists alike. Anyone who wants to learn about creating colorful portraits in acrylic paint will enjoy this class!

  • How much does the course cost?

    Painting Portraits with Rachel Christopoulos is $150 upfront, $55 x3 months, or $30 x6 months

  • How long will I have access to Painting Portraits?

    You will have access to the course for 365 days from sign up.

  • What will I learn inside this course?

    You will learn: How to mix up a complementary palette with acrylic paint. How to see + apply color to a portrait. And how to layer your paint to create depth and likeness in your painting.

  • Will I paint a full portrait in this course?

    YES! This course will walk you through multiple exercises to get you familiar with the face and help you break down the shapes and colors within it. From there, you'll paint each feature individually and have 2 full face tutorials to work through.

  • What supplies will I need?

    You will need paint, a palette, and brushes to take part in this course. Specific materials will be shared with you once you enroll.

  • What if I have questions while I work?

    All questions should be emailed to hello@thecreativebones.com

  • Can I share my completed work from the course?

    Yes! Share your work, but please do not share any content or resources from inside the course with those not enrolled as this is against our terms of service.

  • Can I sell my completed work?

    Work completed using the techniques in this course may be sold. All images used in references are copyright free. The only instance you may not sell completed work from the course is if the work is identical to the tutorial shown within.

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